Agent FAQ

Will I have broker support?

Absolutely!  Business happens outside of normal business hours, so all of our brokers are available by phone, text, and email 7 days a week. You’re not just supported by one broker, you’re supported by a full team.  We’re dedicated to supporting you and promoting your success; our brokers and agent support staff is the foundation of exactly that.

Can I negotiate commissions and fees with my clients?

Absolutely. Today’s market has become increasingly competitive, and you’re free to negotiate the commissions, fees, and levels of service to win over a client. No more having to tell them, “I’ll need to check with my Broker on that.”

Do you provide signs and other marketing material?

We sure do. We have negotiated prices with a few different vendors that have numerous designs/products on hand. Most of our agents use our Marketing Design Center(MDC) to order business cards, postcards, coffee mugs, pens, t-shirts, you name it! If you like to design your own marketing material, you bet! Our MDC has the templates for flyers, brouchers, listing presentations and even images for social media. Don't worry, its EASY to use!

Do you have required sales meetings, and floor time?

Heck no. We dislike meetings just as much as you do, and floor time is so 1990’s.

How do I receive my commissions?

HomeSmart pays commissions via ACH the next business day following the day that the funds are received from the title company. No more waiting. 

Am I provided with an office?

Yes! Although we know agents typically work from home these days, we have multiple offices across the state for agents. All our offices have work stations, printers, and even free confrence rooms to meet with clients.

Are there any franchise fees?

Nope. No hidden franchise fees with us!

Do you have an agent referral program?

Yep! For every agent you sign up, HomeSmart offers $100 when that agent completes their first transaction.

Are you a HUD Certified Broker?

We sure are. You can sell all the HUD properties you’d like.

How do I join HomeSmart First Advantage Realty?

It’s easy. Just fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly to walk you through the process. We can have agents transferred over, and up and running, usually within just one business day.

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